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A Native Non-Native Perspective on Vermont


Green Mountain life has always been a part of me, I didn’t know any other way until I adjusted to life in Illinois. To this day I can pick up on subtle differences between the places that I call home. People are people and I know many remarkable human beings from both states however a Vermonter is loyal to their culture through and through.

Vermonters are descendants of hard workers who dealt with harsh winters and worked backbreaking trades, these farmers and craftsman were innovators and they are the creators of our foundation. With that being said they are committed to hard work but they most definitely know how to have a good time. Vermont has over 25 breweries and a handful of wineries sprinkled all over the state, there are even brewery and wine trails for those wanting to make a day of it.

A Vermonter understands that local, natural and farm to table is best and you can taste the difference when frequenting Vermont restaurants. The craftsmanship that the Chefs put into each and every course deserves praise. I’ve lived in a town where the local fan favorite is fried pork tenderloin with pickles and mayo need I say more? Of course you can find chain restaurants in the Green Mountain State but why would you want to? The best part of Vermont is exploring, getting on a back road and getting lost. Eventually you’ll find what it is you were looking for and if you don’t, some nice passerby will be more than happy to direct you in the right direction.

Speaking of, driving through Vermont is just glorious when you’re used to flat land and cornfields that never end. The state has preserved the natural beauty by banning billboards. It’s a glorious thing when you can drive on an interstate and not see a giant monstrosity that is trying to sell or advertise something you couldn’t care less about.  

Vermont is also interesting because of the people and their drastic differences. The Green Mountain State is a melting pot of people with different cultures and different outlooks on life and yet they all coexist peacefully. You will see all walks of life in this state which makes for the best people watching. Vermonters also appreciate what mother earth has given them, they respect it and they work hard to help it grow and that care and respect reflects in how they treat their neighbors, strangers, and everyone in between.

I truly feel at peace when I'm home, in Vermont. Green Mountain life is second nature to me because I was raised there, and I can't wait to move home. The culture, the vibe, the people, and the peacefulness is what keeps me coming back. So what's holding you back from inhaling that fresh green mountain air? 

Places to Go: Jericho, Vermont

Places to Go: Jericho, Vermont

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