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Places to Go: Dedalus Wine Shop, Market, & Wine Bar

Places to Go: Dedalus Wine Shop, Market, & Wine Bar

Warm, inviting, and hospitable best describes Dedalus, an indie wine shop and bar based out of Burlington, Vermont. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and the atmosphere is energetic.

This neighborhood Wine shop and bar reminds you of an easier time, where people gather together for good food and libations. Speaking of food, their delightful cheese boards,  Charcuterie boards, and small plates scream delicacy


My personal recommendations are as follows: 

 Domaine Guillemot Bourgogne, 2015 (Pinot Noir)

Presqu'ille Chardonnay Santa Maria Valley, 2014 (Chardonnay)

Charcuterie Board

Half Dozen Oysters - Lemon, Mignonette

Poached Salmon - Cabbage, Raddicchio, Breadcrumbs



Dedalus also offers a giant selection of wines under $25 a bottle, big score for Mommy's like me trying to stick to a budget. They also offer platters to feed up to 25 people which will surely impress your office holiday party or family gatherings this holiday season. These platters are beautifully put together and affordable AND they offer FREE delivery if you live in Burlington. This is an awesome option for those of us who are constantly on the go! 

If you don't feel like braving this cooler weather or making the drive to Burlington feel free to click on over to Dedalus' website to order some of their delightful wines online. Due to state laws they only ship to certain states which are listed here. Make sure to check out their Instagram page for updates on their events! From cheese making to food and wine tasting there's an event for everyone. 

Stroll on over to Dedalus, shake off that cold weather and go get warm at this classy neighborhood wine shop and bar, you won't be disappointed. 

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