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Christmas Gift Giving Guide 2017

Christmas Gift Giving Guide 2017

Christmas is right around the corner and I've compiled a few items that are my favorites for 2017! Sometimes I find it hard to be original when it comes to gift giving. I hate to give gift cards or the same gift year after year, so this year I've been branching out and trying to bring the magic back by finding unexpected buys. I hope that seeing some of these gifts below will inspire you to think outside of the box. Enjoy! 

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1. J. Crew Jacket: This beautiful parka is made of Italian wool, and this deep fire red color is gorgeous. This Jacket will help you feel put together and chic in the cold weather. Find this jacket here

2. Green Mountain Mug: This beautiful gem is handcrafted right in VT and would be a great gift for the coffee lover in your life. Find this epic coffee mug here

3. Nest Indigo Perfume: Want to pick up a new fragrance for someone in your life? This perfume made by Nest is one of my absolute favorites. With hints of Moroccan tea, black cardamom, and bergamot this perfume will surely be a hit. Find this perfume here

4. L.L. Bean Pajamas: Pajamas are always a hit during the holidays and these pajamas are warm and soft and will keep anyone cozy during the long winter months. I love the pattern of these PJ's, they are traditional and appropriate for all ages. Find these pajamas here

5. L.L. Bean Slippers: These cute slippers go well with the pajamas above. They keep your feet warm, they are great quality, and everyone should own a pair of L.L. Bean slippers. Find these babies here

6. Sachajuan Hair Repair: Have a certain someone in your life that's a product junkie? These products by Sachajuan are divine. I always love receiving new products to try and these are definitely worth the price tag. This hair repair product is ideal for those with color treated hair or damaged hair. Find this product here.

7. Sachajuan Volume Cream: As stated above these products are divine. Pair this volume cream with the hair repair and you have quite the duo. This volume cream works wonders, it adds shine, volume, and moisture for a great blow out. Find this product here.

8. Ursa Major Natural Skin Care Junkie Set: Have a friend in need of some me-time? Grab this awesome set from Ursa Major Skin Care, the gift of radiant skin is always well received. This set includes the Bright & Easy 3 minute flash mask, Golden Hour Recovery Cream, and an organic bamboo cleansing cloth. Find this awesome set here.

So there you have it, my 2017 Christmas Gift Giving Guide. Comment on Instagram or Facebook and tell me what your favorite gifts are.

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