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You Know You Are A Vermonter If...

You Know You Are A Vermonter If...

1) You understand language that doesn't involve the letter T, "Way up in doz mounains," "Vermon," "Hunnin."


2) You know there are 5 seasons: summer, fall, winter, mud, and spring. 


3) The only brand of cheese you care about is Cabot.


4) You own a handful of flannel shirts to keep warm, not to be fashionable.  


5) Speaking of fashion you don't really care what the fashion trends are, clothing is about purpose not what's on trend. 


6) REAL maple syrup is life. That fake sticky stuff is for the birds. 


7) You have a friend that owns chickens, which means you have an abundance of eggs in your refrigerator at all times.  


8) You can name more than 10 Ben & Jerry's flavors and you have at least 2 pints in your freezer.  


9) Driving slower is second nature to you, deer, moose, cows, or tractors are forever in the way.


10) You call soft serve ice cream a creemee and anyone who disagrees is WRONG and most definitely a flatlander. 

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