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Places to Go: Bove's Catering & Special Events

Places to Go: Bove's Catering & Special Events

"As the sauce turns..."

Closing the Pearl Street restaurant after 74 years was difficult for Mark Bove. The closing symbolized the end of a chapter and an emotional one at that.  Mark sat down with me for a recent interview and reminisced about those final days at Bove's Cafe, “The closing of the restaurant, the emotions of closing, and the memories of growing up down there, it was hell.” Bove’s was an institution; a staple in downtown Burlington and closing it was as difficult for customers as it was for the family that owned it. 


Mark continued to produce the famous Bove’s pasta sauce however; he missed the customer interaction and the family atmosphere. The sauce production plant in Milton was soon underway and the 15 thousand square foot facility was a tribute to the family legacy. This production plant doubles as a catering venue. "The goal for the special event dining hall was to continue with the same tradition, with the memories that people had with food." stated Mark.  


Remnants from the Pearl street restaurant blend brilliantly with the exposed brick and the black and white subway tile.  This is the perfect venue for your next family or work event and Mark has created an atmosphere that pays homage to the original, "people were brought up on Bove's so I wanted to kind've ease that transition of closing Pearl street down but making it still feasible to have that Bove's experience up here, up in Milton, regardless if it's just for special events." 


The space is just for special events or for entertaining customers such as buyers. However, this summer expect a grand party, the grand opening for the Milton location will be a party to remember with excellent food, fare, and entertainment. Stay tuned for more details on that saucy affair. The new location has worked out beneficially, "Milton was great, the town officials were really open arms with us, Burlington as well, but it was time for us to take that next step and that next chapter in the Bove's saga." Mark affirmed.  

For more information on Bove's, Bove's catering or the Special Event Hall click here

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